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Make This Cute Sock Dragon for Your Kids


Images via: craft passion

To make this sock dragon you will require two pairs of socks. The first will be in a single color like the orange pair above and the second will be striped. Take the first colored sock and place it over the striped sock in the way shown. Mark it as explained in the photo. Also mark a line on the striped sock. Draw the spikes and wings on the striped socks leaving the part to be used for belly. Then draw the arms and feet on the second colored sock using this template.

Sew the striped piece for belly to the body. Sew the body, spikes, arms, feet and wings leaving a bit opened to make them inside out. Then bring all the pieces inside out and stuff them. Detail the face of the dragon.

Also sew the spikes to it. Sew yellow patches to the feet and attach the wings. Also make a tongue with red felt and attach that too.

A cute sock dragon is ready for your kids. If you want further details view the comprehensive tutorial at Craft Passion.

I WILL ABSOLUTELY BLOODY PAY SOMEONE TO MAKE THIS FOR ME seeing as i’ve mostly got two left hands. /0\

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